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Hodgson Biologic
2 Klarides Village Drive
Box 205
Seymour, Connecticut


In Connecticut's
Naugatuck Valley

Welcome to Hodgson Biologic!

Welcome to Hodgson Biologic!
Raye and her Runner Duck Drei
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Allow me to introduce myself:

I love all things green and growing. I love learning and sharing knowledge about them as individuals, and within ecosystems.

My most recent studies are with Dr. Elaine Ingham of the Environment Celebration Farm and Soil Food Web, Inc. Her knowledge of soil ecology and methods to restore the life of the soil are game-changing. In short, she has developed methods for analyzing soil life and producing compost (including teas and extracts) that enable plants to have all they need - nutrients and protection from disease and drought. And these methods are regenerative, and within reach of those who most need it - gardeners and farmers.

And I am learning from her, so that I can bring these benefits to my own projects as well as to my customers! Stay tuned! Details about the new services available will be posted as soon as possible.

As of August, 2014 I hold a Permaculture Design Certificate, through an online course offered by Geoff Lawton. I have been studying this design system on my own for a few years, now. Finally, I have taken the coursework, completed the design exercise, and have the certification.

Aside from that, my formal training includes a B.S. degree in Renewable Natural Resources from the University of Connecticut and conservation planning certification while working with NRCS as an agricultural conservationist. I have a certificate in composting from the Maine Compost School.

Other training has included pasture ecology at Penn State, a Forest Garden class and practicum sponsored by Appleseed Permaculture, and training in the use of alternative crops and high tunnels sponsored by the University of Massachusetts Extension, the University of Connecticut Cooperative Extension System, and Northeast SARE. I have also taken the online Adapting in Place course with farmers/authors Sharon Astyk and Aaron Newton.

I have worked with scientists, farmers and other professionals in Connecticut and beyond, through projects and conferences related to agriculture and sustainable living.

I have taught informally, both large group presentations (300 is the record), small groups as a naturalist/interpreter and one on one, with youngsters and adults.

Examples of more formal teaching experience includes high school biology and general science and college biology lab instruction.

My own gardens include garlic, apples, rhubarb, raspberries, blueberries, herbs, sunroot (Helianthus tuberosus), hopniss (Apios americana), annual vegetables, and a variety of other native and non-native plants that contribute to the health of the whole system.

I keep a small flock of Indian Runner ducks, now the highlight of my gardens! We now have several adopted smaller breed ducks, and the beginnings of an 1800 square foot forest garden.

One of the skills I have begun to develop is the use of a European style scythe. I cannot describe how invigorating it is to use that tool! Scythes have, of course, been in use for centuries, and now that I have begun to use one, I simply do not understand why anyone would use a petroleum powered trimmer or mower.

Straw bale gardening has been part of the fun since 2013. Soaking the bale with water, and on alternate days adding nitrogen fertilizer for a couple of weeks followed by some organic compost provides a well-drained raised bed with very few weeds. It makes its own warmth and so extends the growing season in the early spring!

Seed saving, fermentation, and Appalachian music also enrich life here on the duckstead.

And now for an explanation of the business name:

Biologic (pronounced BY oh LOJ ik) is a term used as the title for David Wann's book written years ago to explain the importance of using the patterns of nature, and understanding of biology, to design our built infrastructure such as roads, sidewalks and homes.

It is logical. It works with biology ("the study of life"). The world is full of living beings. They all affect and are affected by each others' actions. It makes sense that what we do needs to accept that fact, or we will continue to degrade our environment and ourselves.

Biologic drives the research and solutions developed by Hodgson Biologic. Take advantage of Raye's many years of study and experience to save yourself time, money and energy.

Call or send an e-mail today. Services are flexible and tailored to your goals.

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