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Hodgson Biologic
2 Klarides Village Drive
Box 205
Seymour, Connecticut


In Connecticut's
Naugatuck Valley

Welcome to Hodgson Biologic!

Welcome to Hodgson Biologic!
2014 - Earned my Permaculture Design Certificate!
The new telephone number is (203) 529 - 7293

The purpose of Hodgson Biologic is to help people connect to their local ecosystems. That may not sound like anything on your bucket list, but take a look at the following.


*MILAN, April 5 (Reuters) - World food prices are likely to rise for a third successive month in March, and could gain further beyond that, with expensive oil and chronically low stocks of some key grains putting food inflation firmly back on the economic agenda.

*Forget the modest 3.1 percent rise in the Consumer Price Index, the government's widely used measure of inflation. Everyday prices are up some 8 percent over the past year, according to the American Institute for Economic Research.

*Food prices are expected to surge after the worst drought in the U.S. for half a century destroyed one-sixth of the country's expected corn crop over the past month.
The hottest July in U.S. history has caused irreparable damage to crops, forcing corn farmers to abandon fields greater in area than Belgium and Luxembourg.
Soyabeans, which are used for animal feed and to make vegetable oil, have also been affected, with this harvest likely to be the worst for five years.



I dislike fear mongering. That is not what the above list is about.

I also dislike feeling powerless. And I really don't like seeing anyone caught off guard because they did not know something basic, and did not know that they could have done something simple to mitigate a problem before it got out of hand. So take a look at another article, the "flip side," if you want to see it that way.

"With the success of projects like Edible Estates and GMC's Lawn-to-Edible Garden Project and the continual movement toward local and sustainable food, it makes sense that the number of edible lawns will start to increase. Since lawns cover about thirty million acres of the United States, shouldn't we start using them for food rather than only for show?"


That is what Hodgson Biologic does, which is guide people in how to connect with their local ecosystem in ways that will mitigate difficult circumstances. In other words, get you working outside, and sometimes inside, developing an edible, resilient landscape so that you can more easily afford to eat, and to feed others.

Raising food increases your resilience and the resilience of your neighborhood and town. Do you garden year 'round? Do you know how to grow cantaloupes on a small deck? Do you grow sprouts? Does the rain from your roof go into the ground or scour and gouge little ravines across the landscape?

Setting up a healthy outdoor environment can improve air quality and make your place more enjoyable and better for your overall health. Do the plants in your yard feed you? Soothe skin irritations? Nurture bees and other beneficial insects? Do you think the only way to deal with garden pests is to spend money?

Contact Hodgson Biologic today so that you can begin to be a more powerful force for good in your household, neighborhood, and wider community. Think that's an overstatement? Every time you provide someone with a peaceful, healthy environment, or fresh fruit, vitamin-packed vegetables, or the wonder of an encounter with nature, you are a force for good.

So, who is Hodgson and what is Biologic?

Raye Hodgson (pronounced HOJ son) is a gardener, a teacher, a flock steward, and scientist. Some years ago she hopped off the IT career ladder because she saw a need that was not being fully met, and she wanted to help meet that need.

In short it is the need for people to do a better job managing natural resources. The need still exists, and Raye is still working to help meet the need.

Biologic (pronounced BY oh LOJ ik) is a term used as the title for David Wann's book written years ago to explain the importance of using the patterns of nature, and understanding of biology, to design our built infrastructure such as roads, sidewalks and homes.

It is logical. It works with biology ("the study of life"). The world is full of living beings. They all affect and are affected by each others' actions. It makes sense that what we do needs to accept that fact, or we will continue to degrade our environment and ourselves.

Biologic drives the research and solutions developed by Hodgson Biologic. Take advantage of Raye's many years of study and experience to save yourself time, money and energy. You can see the details of my background at


Call or send an e-mail today. Services are flexible and tailored to your goals.

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