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Hodgson Biologic
2 Klarides Village Drive
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Seymour, Connecticut


In Connecticut's
Naugatuck Valley

Welcome to Hodgson Biologic!

Welcome to Hodgson Biologic!
2014 - Earned my Permaculture Design Certificate!
Newsy News! Recently, Matt Powers of Permaculture Tonight podcast interviewed me about what life has been like after the Permaculture Design Course last year. Copy and paste this link in your browser:


The purpose of Hodgson Biologic is to help people connect to their local ecosystems. The original intent was to provide garden consulting services. And I have done some of that.

Over these last few years, I have enjoyed working with individuals, helping them design a healthier outdoor environment, raising a healthier flock of ducks, providing them with technical information that it would have taken them much longer to obtain without some help from someone who has "been there."

I have also enjoyed the small classes of ardent gardeners!

As I encounter people along the way, I have also come across a need for plants that are particularly helpful in establishing forest gardens and other Permaculture elements in the landscape.

So this year, 2015, I am able to make a small beginning.

For Permaculturists and the adventurous (there is an overlap here, I believe):

I have some small comfrey plants. Comfrey is vigorous - if you don't manage them by placing them in a raised bed or large container, you may not want to start growing them. These set seed, as well, making them an excellent choice for someone who wants to expand their comfrey holdings. It has many uses!

There are a limited number of Apios americana tubers - this is a plant much desired by Permaculturists in cool temperate areas, and is native to this continent. The window for digging the tubers and transplanting them is small, and will soon be closed - please contact me by May 5.

I can make cuttings of any of three kinds of Pycnanthemum. I have what is probably a P. cenuum that I bought as a mature plant years ago, as well as P. tenuifolium, and a P. pilosum. The latter two I started from seed.

In early summer I expect I will be able to make some hardy kiwi cuttings.

By autumn if the weather is kind, there may be a few Amphicarpea bracteata tubers available. Small, but valuable for a temperate forest garden.

Along the lines of the more currently conventional gardens:

I planted a few hundred vegetable seeds a month or so ago (actually, it was 6 or 7 weeks ago - time flies!). Most of them have done quite well, and I am happy about that. There is a long list of tomatoes, including many heirlooms, I only have Ping Tung eggplant. Just a few baby Minnesota Midget melon seedlings, too. Several Bulgarian Carrot hot peppers (my first year with these).

I will also soon be able to make some cutting from apple mint.

And now for an explanation of the business name:

Biologic (pronounced BY oh LOJ ik) is a term used as the title for David Wann's book written years ago to explain the importance of using the patterns of nature, and understanding of biology, to design our built infrastructure such as roads, sidewalks and homes.

It is logical. It works with biology ("the study of life"). The world is full of living beings. They all affect and are affected by each others' actions. It makes sense that what we do needs to accept that fact, or we will continue to degrade our environment and ourselves.

Biologic drives the research and solutions developed by Hodgson Biologic. Take advantage of Raye's many years of study and experience to save yourself time, money and energy.

Call or send an e-mail today. Services are flexible and tailored to your goals.

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