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Hodgson Biologic

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In Connecticut's
Naugatuck Valley

Customer Review

Several years ago, I began exploring ways to live a green lifestyle in an urban environment. Raye has been an integral part of this discussion, and shared her expertise on many occasions. Though I live several states away, I sent her a video of my yard, and hired her to come up with solutions.

She came through with a permaculture plan that beautifully fit my space, and I have worked to fully realize that plan. I have gradually traded the grass for mulch, turning my front yard into a very nice garden. Her suggestion of morning glories on the front fence was particularly nice, and all the way around, I know that my yard is a bee magnet. I call her occasionally, and she gives new ideas for the back yard, which will soon be mostly mulch and garden as well.

In addition, she has spearheaded a successful composting plan (I take my landfill bin to the street twice a year), and given me numerous other ideas. Raye is indeed a vast source of knowledge on anything to do with permaculture or green living, and I highly recommend her.

Don Shabkie
Confirmed Urban Green Dweller
Don't say, "Throw it away"---there is NO away.