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Hodgson Biologic

203 529 7293

In Connecticut's
Naugatuck Valley

Welcome to Hodgson Biologic!

Welcome to Hodgson Biologic!
Raye and her Runner Duck Drei
My name is Raye Hodgson. I help property owners turn typical yards into abundant, regenerative gardens by providing customized education and recommendations for living elements, as part of a Permaculture plan.

Call 203-529-7293 or send a message through the “Contact Hodgson Biologic” page today. Services are flexible and tailored to your goals.

Biologic (pronounced BY oh LOJ ik) is the title of David Wann's book explaining the importance of using the patterns of nature, and understanding of biology, to design our built infrastructure such as roads, sidewalks and homes.

Biologic drives the research and solutions developed by Hodgson Biologic. Take advantage of Raye's many years of study and experience to save yourself time, money and energy as you build a resilient, abundant home place in this age of change and uncertainty.

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