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Springtime Summary - Ducks
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In Connecticut's
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Bio-logical Doings

Bio-logical Doings
Monarch (just out of the cocoon) in the asparagus, 2008
What's been happening in the garden and on the road, news, tidbits, ideas.

Springtime Summary - Ducks

Springtime Summary - Ducks

That summarizes most of what I have been doing, since 2/22/2010.


Okay, at first, ducklings. Then some time in the last month or so, they have become ducks. And they are wonderful!

Why ducks? Many reasons. Slugs. Fertilizer. Eggs. Fun.

Biggest surprise? Their personalities. What a bunch of sweethearts!

Second biggest surprise? The amount of effort needed to keep them safe from predators.

(Posted 7/3/2010 by admin)